Recognition Lens

Product List

● High resolution optical design,low distortion, Support 8K7μ,
● 4K12μ, 16K3.5μ
● color abberation orrection design
● Suitable for PCB,LCD,semiconductor detection


Image Size(") 1/3"
Focal Length(mm) 6
F No. 2.0
Field of View (H) 50°
Back Focal Length (mm) 6.34
Dimensions (Φ×L)mm 15X17
Iris Fixed

Key Features

  • The low distortion is less than -2%
  • 3-5,12 megapixel high resolution
  • Custom waterproof or reinforced versions
  • Precise aperture and focal length adjustment
  • A locking device for focus and aperture to prevent movement caused by shock or impact
  • Phase plane sizes are 1/1.8 ", 2/3 "and 1"


Machine vision field

Key Features

  • High definition, low distortion lens(<-2.6%)
  • High resolution support up to 5 Mega-pixel cameras,designed for1/4-1/3 format sensors.
  • 850nm confocus design suitable for both Visible and NIR applications without refocus
  • Compact design for integration


Face/Eyes recognition
Barcode scanner
3D. Tracking
Sorting inspection applications
Robot sensing

Customized service and technical support

As an innovative optical solution provider and focused megapixel camera manufacturer,
We are committed to providing customers with cost-effective and time-efficient optics from R&D to finished product solution.

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