TOF Lens

Product List

● High resolution optical design,low distortion, Support 8K7μ,
● 4K12μ, 16K3.5μ
● color abberation orrection design
● Suitable for PCB,LCD,semiconductor detection

Key Features

  • The low distortion is less than -2%
  • 3-5,12 megapixel high resolution
  • Custom waterproof or reinforced versions
  • Precise aperture and focal length adjustment
  • A locking device for focus and aperture to prevent movement caused by shock or impact
  • Phase plane sizes are 1/1.8 ", 2/3 "and 1"


Machine vision field

Customized service and technical support

As an innovative optical solution provider and focused megapixel camera manufacturer,
We are committed to providing customers with cost-effective and time-efficient optics from R&D to finished product solution.

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